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Color Knit: Multi-purpose wiping rag, strong and absorbent commonly used for auto, manufacturing, & maintenance applications, used in almost all types of industries. Made from recycled colored t-shirt material.


White Knit: Ideal for polishing and any application where softness and purity are essential. Great for painters who use oil base paint, enamels, etc. Perfect for auto body work, wood floors, furniture, plastics, & printing. Made from recycled white t-shirt material.


Color Fleece: Thick fabric, great absorbency and durability. This material is heavy duty used wet or dry. Very economical and is usually used to absorb chemicals, petroleum based liquids and as a general multi-purpose rag. Made from recycled colored sweatshirts & pants.


White Fleece: Thick and absorbent, great for waxing, polishing, and buffing. One side is textured and other is soft; can be used to clean paint where colors and dyes are a problem. Made from recycled white sweatshirts & sweatpants


Flannel: 100% cotton, soft; ideal for polishing automotive finishes and metal. This material won't scratch surfaces. Very soft material and more absorbent than color knit. Made from recycled colored flannel shirts and pajamas.


White Thermal: Just as great as the white knit material but less expensive, not as smooth but definitely more absorbent. Perfect for applying chemicals or finishing liquids to surfaces. Made from recycled white thermal material.


Near White: Low lint, similiar to the all white but more economic. Great for dusting and print job sites. Made from recycled colored sheets and shirts.


All White: Low lint, high cotton material which is great for dusting, print job sites and for use with chemicals. Made from recycled white sheeting and shirts.


White Knit w/print: White t-shirt material with prints, more economic than the white knit material with the same properties as a color knit. Made from recycled white t-shirt material.


Corduroy: Heavy duty material, great for machine shops, welding, refineries and most metal fabrications. Made from recycled corduroy material, mostly pants.


Denim: Heavy duty material, used to clean general oil and dirt. Used in machine shops, welding, refineries, and metal fabrications. Made from recycled denim material, mostly jeans.


Color Towel: Assorted colored terry toweling cut and processed from bath towels & garments, good for heavy oils, very absorbent. Ideal for cleaning, wiping & drying larger surface areas & drying larger surface areas that don’t require white material.

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