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Microfiber Mop Pads

We offer Commercial and Janitorial Microfiber Replacement Pads in all sizing. This Microfiber Dust mop pad can be compared to Rubbermaid style microfiber pads. This 18" Microfiber dust Pad is for the Dry or Dusting applications. Just Velcro the Microfiber Pad on to the bottom of your Industrial Microfiber Mop Hardware and you are ready to clean! After pad becomes soiled just place them into your washing machine or rinse under the faucet for multiple uses


Reclaimed Huck Towels

Colorfast, low-lint, sanitized, 100% cotton material is great for general cleaning and glass cleaning. Eco- and cost-friendly rags are made from reclaimed blue surgical huck towel material with hemmed edges.


Bar Mops

100% Cotton to Blended Terry or Ribbed Bar Towels also known as Terry Towels, these towels are used mainly for cleaning in places like restaurants, bars, golf clubs, gyms, mechanic shops, bars, equipment cleaning, etc. Terry Cloth Towels or Bar Mops towels are made from 100% Cotton or Blended Cotton and you can judge the quality based on higher "oz." (OUNCES) better quality.


Red Shop Towels

100% Cotton new red shop towels. These Red shop rags are sold to mechanics shops, printing companies and rental linen services worldwide. Packed 100 to a case- 14" x 14"- hemmed on all four edges, these durable shop cloths can be rewashed over and over for extra added value!

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